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Is this OnePlus Nord?

In July, OnePlus will hopefully hold an event where the manufacturer will probably showcase OnePlus Nord. Now it may have leaked an image on this device that matches what was previously claimed. It has been said that Nord will have dual front cameras positioned on the front. In addition, it has been alleged that the model […]

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Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 4100+

During the day, Qualcomm held a box where the company showcased the new Snapdragon 4100+. This is a chip for upcoming smartwatches and hopefully Qualcomm will be able to bring life to a rather dead Wear OS market going forward with this chip. It appears that Qualcomm mainly made this chip faster, which means that […]

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is said to have received significantly better cameras with the latest update

Samsung recently launched a new update to all Galaxy S20 running Snapdragon 865 and not Exynos. This includes S20 units in the home country of South Korea as well as the US. Those who have a Galaxy S20 device with Snapdragon will thus be pleased that Samsung has significantly improved the zoom with the latest […]

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Pre-order OnePlus Nord from tomorrow - blind

During the day, OnePlus revealed that the company's upcoming smartphone will be called OnePlus Nord but much more than that, we have not been told about the device it looks like right now. Well, one more thing: that the company with this series will focus primarily on the European and Indian markets. Now OnePlus has revealed that people […]

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OnePlus announces the new series of smartphones "Nord"

There has been speculation about what OnePlus' upcoming series of smartphones will be called. Now it is clear that the final name will be North for OnePlus' new series. Nord is intended to be a cheaper series of smartphones for all OnePlus fans who think that the company's latest smartphones have become far too expensive. OnePlus, however, has not revealed any specifications […]

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Females X10 Max get stuck in picture

Honor will hopefully hold an event soon where the manufacturer will probably show off the new mobile Honor X10 Max. Now it looks like the model is stuck in the picture. We see that it will probably get a drop flip on the front along with a fairly large edge placed under the display. In addition to this, it sees […]